The Magic of Bowen

Vital Body and Mind with Bowen

How I became a Bowen Therapist and continue my journey in helping women

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In the last decade I have dedicated myself to women’s health and wellness. First through studying homeopathy and then becoming a Certified Pilates Teacher and Integrated Movement Therapies practitioner. Throughout the years of teaching Pilates and movement I have seen incredible changes in women. Physical, mental, and emotional changes. I have seen my clients being more balanced with improved posture.

With a desire to immerse myself more into the world of healing, I decided to become a Certified Bowen Therapy Practitioner and attended the accredited courses of the Bowen Technique Academy of Australia.

Before I started the course I had never experienced a Bowen therapy myself, and had no idea how it felt. I was absolutely amazed how gentle and yet how profound this technique is.

Through Bowen therapy I have seen amazing results within just a few sessions, such as: shoulder pain and restrictions, knee and ankle pain, neck tension, lower back pain, TMJ disorder, and many others.

I  will be honored to start you on your path to the improvement of your physical and mental health.


Author: Exhale To Move Pilates

CERTIFIED PILATES TEACHER and INTEGRATED MOVEMENT THERAPIES practitioner, healer, always researching alternative healing methods; guiding women to connect to their power within their bodies.

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